Karissa Morris, LSW

Karissa is passionate about working with individuals from all different backgrounds. Not only in life, but
especially in the realm of mental wellness, she believes in the importance of understanding and
addressing intersectional identities in therapeutic practices. She understands that mental wellness is a
unique path of exploration for each individual, which guides her holistic approach for therapy.

Karissa takes this inclusive methodology and applies it to her specialties of cognitive behavioral therapy,
acceptance and commitment therapy, and motivational interviewing. She is affirming of, as well as an ally,
of the LGBTQ+ community.

Karissa graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Indianapolis in 2014
and her master’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University in 2020. She is a Licensed Social Worker
(LSW) in the state of Indiana and is currently working to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker