Kellie Hollan, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Kellie cares deeply about fostering the emotional happiness and resiliency of her patients’ as they grow into adulthood. She has a passion for helping students of all ages, kindergarten through college, especially those struggling with fear, worry, sadness, impulsivity, in attention, irritability or defiance.

Kellie specializes in psychiatric mental health, primarily from the ages of 6 to 22, while also accepting a limited number of adults. Her focuses include those struggling withADHD,Depression, Mood disorders (Bipolar Disorder), Anxiety, OCD, Defiance and Conduct Disorders, or PTSD. Kellie additionally believes that treatment is most effective when medication management is combined with therapy sessions provided by other licensed professionals.

Kellie graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing from IUPUI and has an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati. She is board certified as a Psychiatric Mental HealthNurse Practitioner (PMHNP).