We believe in a holistic approach to mental health, which can include everything from nutrition and sleep to personal habits and medication management. Let us build a roadmap to walk with you toward continued mental wellness.

Psychiatric evaluation
During your first hour-long visit, we will spend time listening to your concerns, history, and life experiences to understand the underlying issues that are contributing to your symptoms. We will rule out possible physical illnesses that could be causing symptoms so we can come to a diagnosis. Even if you’ve been treated for a mood disorder in the past, we want to spend time understanding the whole picture of your symptoms so we can chart the best path forward.

Personalized treatment plan
When we arrive at a diagnosis, we will develop a roadmap to determine the best treatment pathway. For most patients, treatment, involves identifying triggers, learning coping skills, making behavioral changes, and implementing healthy personal habits. For some patients, treatment can also involve medication.

Genetic testing
For patients who have tried medication in the past or struggled with treatment, we can perform genetic testing to help us find the best medication that minimizes side effects. Many medications use the same pathways in the body, which can cause “traffic jams” that may make them less effective or may increase side effects. With a simple cheek swab, we can see how your body metabolizes medicine to find the best option for your individual genetic makeup.

For a complete list of accepted insurance providers, please review our insurance page. We also offer “cash pay” as an option. All onsite payments must be in the form of credit, debit, HSA and FSA. No cash or checks accepted.